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Modify data store item

How to modify an item

You can change the value of an item in the data store by clicking on the Edit button, then entering a new value. When finished, click the Save button.

Modify the item

Modify the item

How to modify an item (files)

Another way of modifying an item namely files such as CSV, Python, JSON is by selecting the Edit button.

Modify the item

Upon clicking on the edit button, you can view the file where you can edit the file by directly updating the fields and click on Save.You can also click on Download where you download the file and edit it. Once, the download file is edit, you can then click on Reupload and Save the changes.

Modify the item

How to delete an item

To delete an item in the data store, click the Delete icon next to the item you want to delete, followed by the Delete Store Item button on the pop up window.

Delete item