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The Dashboard displays all relevant data for the given project.


The following information is displayed on the Dashboard:

  1. Tasks Created - Task Created shows the number of tasks that have been created for the project.

  2. Average Runtime - Average Runtime is the average amount of time taken to run each Task.

  3. Resubmissions - Resubmission is a count of the number tasks that have been resubmitted.

  4. Status - Status indicates withe the the project is Active or Paused.

  5. Task Minutes - Task Minutes is the total amount the time taken to complete all the tasks.

  6. Task Statuses - Task Status displayed the percentage of each task outcome (SUCCESS, FAILURE, etc).

  7. Task Outcomes - Task Outcomes summaries the main outcomes for the project. Click on the outcome name to filter the Task by the selected Outcome.

You can select the time period and environment for the dashboard data. To change the time period, select the desired interval from the dropdown menu.

Dashboard change time