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Create a scheduled trigger

A Scheduled trigger is a trigger that runs based on a pre-set schedule. Before creating a trigger, you need to build a workflow and release it in the environment where you want to set the trigger.

Set up a scheduled trigger

To create a scheduled trigger, click the Create button at the top right of the Triggers screen.

Create button

Enter the name of the trigger, select Scheduled as the type, and select the environment in which you want the trigger to create tasks for. Then, enter the schedule for the trigger to run using a cron expression in the field provided. The next 5 runs are shown in the Next run field based on the cron expression you entered.

Trigger settings

When finished, click the Save button.

Cron expressions

Scheduled triggers use cron expressions to specify run times. A cron expression has the following structure:

Position (from left)FieldAllowed values
3Day (month)1-31
5Day (week)0-6 (0 is Sunday)

You can use special characters called "wildcards" to indicate specific times. There are 4 types of wildcards that can be used in cron expressions.

  • * : Any value
  • , : Value list separator
  • - : Range of values
  • / : Step values

Here are some examples of cron expressions and their meanings.

  • 0 6 * * * : Every day at 6:00 am
  • 0 0 * * 1 : Every Monday at 00:00
  • */15 * * * * : Every 15th minute
  • 5,10 * * * * : Every hour at minute 5 and 10

You can find more information about cron expression on


The triggers lowest interval time to run in is 15 minute batches.