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Quick start

Welcome to Unmand, a platform for business automation.

This guide provides the tools needed to start your automation journey or take a deep dive into understanding how Unmand's products work. For more detailed information, links to the appropriate product/section are on the left sidebar.

Sign up#

To get started, please contact Unmand.

Unmand Portal#

The Unmand Portal is your gateway to all Unmand Products. Using the Portal, you can build, deploy, manage and monitor all your automation projects.

Unmand Portal


There are several ways to navigate through the Portal. The following is a summary of the high-level concepts.

Portal Navigation


You can access all Unmand Products from the Portal. The active product will display in the top right-hand corner.

Project navigation#

From the project navigation, you can access all details of your project for the given Unmand Project. The navigation will change depending on what product your are viewing.

Profile and settings#

Adjust your profile and preferences to make Unmand work just for you. Manage your Organisation. Set up your team, manage payment and security details.


The breadcrumb provides an alternate way to navigate through the Portal. It provides a consistent location and allows you to move back and forth in the Portal.