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Metadata is general information about the task and its execution that is standardised between all tasks in Swarm. The following information is contained in the metadata.

FieldDescriptionKey NameData Type
Task IDA unique identifier for the taskidstring
Debug modeA flag to indicate that the task is running in debug modedebugboolean
Start timeThe time that the task started runningstart_timedatetime
Finish timeThe time that the task finishedfinish_timedatetime
OutcomeThe outcome set by Swarm after task completionoutcomestring
StatusThe task status at the completion of the jobstatusstring
UrlThe url to the Unmand taskurlstring
ResubmitA flag to indicate if the running task has been resubmittedresubmissionboolean
Project codeA unique identifier for the Swarm projectproject_codestring
Flow versionThe flow version number which the task runsflow_versionstring
Driver functionThe browser session required for web actionsdriverfunction

The value of metadata can be accessed from any action in the workflow with {{meta."Key Name"}}. For example, you can access the start time of the task with {{meta.start_time}}.