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Automate repetitive tasks with robotics

Full lifecycle software robotics that allow you to automate any workflow. Boost productivity, customer experience and employee job satisfaction.

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One platform, endless solutions

The modern way to work with legacy systems


Boost productivity

Automate tedious and time-consuming manual tasks with Robotic Process Automation. Free up time to focus on opportunities to create value.
Single Platform

Single platform

Design, build, test, deploy and manage from a single platform. No need to purchase multiple products or navigate complex procurements to get started.

Maintain control

Maintain ownership and control by developing in-house bots. Keep transactional work in-house or bring back processes currently outsourced.

Always working

Get 24/7 productivity, achieve immediate costs-savings and a perfect compliance rate.


Automation canvas

Design flows with an easy using our drag and drop interface. Automate any part of your business without having to learn programming. Automate everything from individual tasks to large-scale processes.

Low Code


No infrastructure required

Start instantly and scale infinitely. Unmand handles all the infrastructure, so you can quickly build proof of concepts and move to production with confidence.


Resubmit and exceptions

Intelligently handle exception through the Unmand portal. Assist the bot and resubmit to complete the process to automate the entire process, instead of a sub task.


Made for developers

Turn any website into an API

Rapidly integrate Swarm with your production systems. Using Unmand's developer platform means that your team is free to focus on what only you can do.

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