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Create a Jotform trigger

Jotform triggers run based on form submission in Jotform. Before creating a Jotform trigger, you need to generate an API key on your Jotform account and get the form ID you want to use as the trigger.

Set up a Jotform API key

A Jotform API key is a secret token assigned to Jotform users and used to authenticate your information for third-party services. To create an API key, log in to your Jotform account, select Settings from the menu and then click the API tab in the left sidebar. Click the Create New Key button to generate a new API key. You need to ensure you give Full Access permission when generating the API key so that Swarm can mark the submission as read. After getting the API key, add it as an Data Store in Swarm.

Find the form ID

Form ID is the number part in the form URL. For example, if the form URL is, then your form ID is 123456789012345.

Set up a Jotform trigger

Create a Jotform trigger by clicking the Create button at the top right of the Triggers screen.

Create button

Enter the trigger name, select Jotform as the type and select the environment in which you want to set the trigger. After that, select the API key that you have added as an environment variable and enter the Form ID. Click the Save button when finished.

Specify name, type, and email