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Create task editor

You can customise and change the layout of the create Task page.

To edit the create task layout, select Create, then single. When in the Create task page, select the configure button.

Add Field

In order to add any field when creating the task editor page, click on the Configure button.

Configure Button

After clicking Configure, you can see New Field button, by clicking on that, it will show you the different types of field that can be added to the task page.

Add new field

You can select the type of field you want and then click on Next. Upon, clicking Next you can then enter the details of the field and click on Done, followed by Save Configuration.

Add new field details

Once the details are entered and done, it will populate the field on the create task page as shown below:

Populating new field on task page

Update Field

You can update the fields by clicking on Configure and then selecting the field you want to edit. Once you made the changes, you can then click on Done followed by Save Configuration which will edit the fields.

Edit field on task page

Change Field Layout

You can also change the fields layout by dragging and dropping the fields. To do so first click on Configure and then select the field that you want to the change the layout. Drag and drop the field to move it around.

Drag and drop field on task page