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This page summarises all the essentials you will need to know to start with Swarm. Here you can find tips to set up your project and understand the key concepts.


A flow is a specific workflow that combines a series of stages and actions to automate a process.


An action is a single event performed by Swarm. It can be anything from opening a website, clicking a button, sending an email and much much more.


A stage is a logic block in the flow. A stage can be either a combination of actions (Sequence) or a Gate (Logic check).


A sequence is a combination of actions.


A gate is a logic check to evaluate whether data meets a series of predefined conditions.


A trigger is how the flow/bot starts. A flow can have multiple ways it can be triggered. It can be trigger via API, a webhook, event or pooling.


A task is an execution of the flow.


A job is a single run of the task.


A status is a task status at the completion of a job. A task status can be SUCCESS, FAILURE, ON HOLD, QUEUED, RUNNING or CANCELLED.