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Turn your documents into structured data

Quickly extract data from any document type using machine learning. Reduce manual data entry and increase your speed and accuracy.

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PhD not required

You don’t have to be an AI expert to get great results


Eliminate data entry

Avoid manually extracting data from documents using optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning. Get structured data in a matter of seconds.

Higher accuracy

Consistent results from a model that gets better over time without the risk of typos. Easily review results in real time through the interface.

Increase throughput

Make your team more efficient with instant access to accurate and complete data. Drive better customer service and faster turnaround time.

Rapid deployment

Most models are trained in hours and deployed in days. The solution can either be integrated into your existing platform or used as a stand alone solution.

Handle any document layout

Extract unstructured data

Extract text, handwriting and table data from any type of document. Exfil does not rely on pre-built templates, so you only define and extract fields and tables you want. Our GridRecognition™ technology can recognize and sort rows and columns of tabular data even without explicit grid lines.



Model versioning and rollback

Train multiple models and deploy with confidence. Test a model before making it active or roll back to a previous model if there are any issues.


Integrates with your systems

Exfil enables you to directly import data from your own platform and export extracted data to your existing workflow. Extracted data can be accessed via a secure REST API, saved Microsoft Excel and more.



Human oversight

Easily build and implement a review pipeline to manage nuanced or sensitive documents that require human oversight. Define rules and tolerances for want can be automatically processed and what requires a human in the loop.

Made for developers

Easy platform for API integration

Rapidly integrate Exfil with your production systems. Using Unmand's developer platform means that your team is free to focus on what only you can do.

from unmand import ExfilAPI
token = 'your-api-token'exfil = ExfilAPI(token)your_file = open('example.pdf', 'rb')job = exfil.queue(your_file)exfil.poll(job)if job.status == 'FINISHED':    exfil_result = job.result

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