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The data store is used to store static information. There are 4 types of item that can be stored in the data store.

  1. Variables – Information storage that can handle text, integer, decimal, currency, date or boolean data
  2. Objects – An object allows for the grouping of multiple variables under a common parent key
  3. Tables – Information collection in a table format consisting of columns and rows
  4. Code snippets – Programming code storage (HTML, JavaScript or Python)

Add a new item#

To add a new item to the data store, navigate to the Configure screen and click the Store tab.

Click the + Add item button, then select the type of item you want to create.

Click the + button and enter the details of the item you want to save, such as item name (key), data type, and value. You can only use letters, numbers or underscores as the item name. When finished, click the Save button.

Modify the value of an item#

You can change the value of an item in the data store by clicking on the field you want to change or clicking the Edit Code button for a code snippet, then entering a new value. When finished, click the Save button.

Delete an item#

To delete an item in the data store, click the trash icon next to the item you want to delete.

Access the value of an item#

The value of a variable in the data store with the name of item_abc can be accessed from any action in the workflow with {{store.item_abc}}.