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Roles and permissions

Roles and permissions determine what users can see and do in the portal. There are administrative roles for managing accounts and billing and non-administrative roles for users to access key features.

There are two levels of roles and permissions in Unmand. They include:

  • Organisation level roles
  • Project-level permissions

Organisation Roles#

Organisation roles apply across the organisation and all projects. There are two organisation level roles; Admin and User.


Admins are active users with full administrative permissions. They can:

  • Invite and add users
  • Manage users and project permissions
  • Create projects
  • Access and review billing
  • Promote and demote users
  • Remove users
  • Create, view, edit, move and delete their login details


A User can see all users in their organisation, but can't edit their roles.

They can create, view, edit, move and delete their login details.

Project Permissions#

Permissions are configured at a project/project level. Organisation Admins have access to all projects by default.

Permissions for organisation users are configured at an individual project level.


Admin permission have the rights to create, view, edit and delete the project. They can also invite new users from your organisation to the project.


Write permission Can make changes to the project, including editing fields and resubmitting tasks


Read permission allows the user to see the project in a read-only mode. They cannot edit fields or invite new users to the project.