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Unmand glossary

This glossary describes key Unmand concepts, terminology, and products. It's a good place to get started learning how to set up and use Unmand products.


Admins are users with additional privileges to manage and customize their organization's Unmand account.


The allowlist allows access from specific range IP addresses. It provides additional security to ensure users can access the Unmand Portal from a specified location.


An application programming interface (API) lets you interact with Unmand programmatically instead of using the Unmand Portal. See the the API Docs.

Environment variable

A named value that is securely stored with Unmand and used for Unmand's products. Examples of environment variables include passwords, API keys, and other sensitive information.


The number of minutes that Unmand was unavailable and the percentage of customers that were affected. You can see the status of Unmand's services at our Status Page


External applications created and designed to work with Unmand's products.


Organisation is the main billing entity and is a collection of users.


Authorizations granted to users that define which parts of Unmand they can access and what tasks they can perform. See Roles and Permissions for more.


Roles define the permissions and access that a user has in your Unmand account. See Roles and Permissions for more.


To help you categorize, act on, or search. You can add tags to specific sections of Unmand products.


Support requests sent to Unmand become tickets in the Unmand Service Center. Each ticket is assigned to an Unmand member to solve. All activities related to the support request are captured within the ticket.


A User is any person added to the Unmand Organisation. For more details on users, See Roles and Permissions.

Unmand portal

The online, customer facing application you use to interact with Unmand's products, manage your account and build your automation.


The monthly uptime is the percentage of total possible minutes Unmand services were available.