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Project Schema

The Schema provides a blueprint and data structure for each data within Swarm project. The Schema allows you to define which fields will display within Task Data, which fields are available for export using Export Tasks and which fields can be selected using Custom Columns.

To create a Schema, you go to Settings and click on Schema.

Schema tab

Enter the Key name, select the data Type and click on Save. You can add more keys by clicking the Key button on the top left.

Specify the key and type

To organise similar data, you can use the Object data type. This allows you to define multiple key/value pairs within the one group known as Child.

Object data type

Once the Schema is created, you can view the Schema within Task Data.

View schema

Data Types

The following are all available Schema data types:

  • String: A string data type is mainly used to store characters and text.
  • Integer: An integer data type is used to represent real numbers that do not have fractional values or decimals.
  • Dropdown: A dropdown is a list of choices that a user can select from.
  • Decimal: A decimal is an exact numeric data type e.g. 0.0006.
  • Currency: A currency data type is a monetary value assigned to data e.g. $456.
  • Boolean: A boolean can only return true or false.
  • Date: Date is the format in which the date, month, and year are represented in a specified format e.g. dd/mm/yy.
  • Table: A table is a way to information in the form of rows and columns.
  • Object: An object allows you to organise and group related data. This data type allows you to define multiple key/value pairs within one group.
  • List: A list is used to store a number of elements in a specific order with the same type.
  • Exfil: Exfil is when information is extracted from Exfil.