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Webhook Integration

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks. Webhooks can be used by Exfil to send extraction results to third-party APIs on completion.

Creating a Webhook

To create a Webhook, click on Add and select the Webhook.

You will be prompted for the following fields:

  • URL (required): Request URL of third-party API
  • Method: Request HTTP Protocol method (currently only POST supported)
  • Authorization (optional): Request header authorization.

URL must be a valid URL format starting with HTTP:// or HTTPS://.

Once the form is completed, click the Save button.

Webhook getting started

Activating a Webhook

To activate the Webhook and start receiving extraction results, toggle the Active switch on so that it is coloured, then click on the Save button.

Activate a webhook

Likewise, if you would like to stop receiving Extraction results, toggle the Active switch off so that it is no longer coloured, then click on the Save button.

Deleting a Webhook

To delete a Webhook permanently, click the Delete in the top right hand corner of the form.

Deleting a webhook