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Unmand uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. Codes in the 2xx range indicate success, codes in the 4xx range indicate an error with the provided information and codes in the 5xx range indicate an error with Unmand's servers. Our development team swears that errors never happen on our servers, but if you come across one, please let us know at

400 - Bad Request - The request was unacceptable, often due to missing a required parameter.

401 - Unauthorized - No valid API key provided.

402 - Request Failed - The parameters were valid but the request failed.

403 - Forbidden - The API key doesn't have permissions to perform the request.

404 - Not Found - The requested resource doesn't exist.

409 - Conflict - The request conflicts with another request (perhaps due to using the same idempotent key).

429 - Too Many Requests - Too many requests hit the API too quickly.

500 - Server Errors - Something went wrong on Unmand's end.